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Study Abroad Consultants in Gurgaon

Showcasing an impeccable success rate of 100% – and an industry experience of over 10+ years, “Nationwide Visas” is the best study abroad consultant Gurgaon, Delhi NCR

Specializing in Canada Study Visa, our study abroad consultant in India also provides result-oriented study permit services for other popular overseas education destinations including Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. 


 Why study abroad?


  • Get acquainted with a new world

Travel to a new country and get a chance to witness foreign cultures. Learn new languages when studying abroad.

  • Paves your path to success with a world-class education

Explore top-notch education universities/courses, world-class education systems, and opportunities to focus on practical knowledge & research. 

  • Abundant career opportunities

Jaw-dropping infrastructure, a better-paid job market, and a state-of-the-art lifestyle – witness it all. Work in Canada while you study – and apply for permanent residency. 


Study abroad Consultants
  • Gain a broader outlook by embracing a new culture

New cultures, food, customs, and traditions from all around the world. Develop an international perspective on things by developing your skills. Become a global citizen.

  • Improve your language skills

Learn new languages and identify doors to new industries and better job opportunities. Grab the chance to master a foreign language. 

  • Discover the new ‘You’

Discover your strengths & weaknesses while studying abroad. Step outside your comfort zone. Develop new interests and skills.

Why are we the best Study Abroad Consultants in Gurgaon?

This quote goes precisely well when considering the relationship between “the confused student” and “the experienced study abroad consultant at Nationwide Visas”.
 From “effectively & efficiently” guiding you through the daunting Canada Study Visa process to helping you settle in Canada with our Post-Landing Services 
– our Canada study consultant in Gurgaon offers you top-notch services to maximize your chances of successfully landing a Canadian study visa. 
 Although there are numerous study abroad consultants in the “text capital of the world” – but, with the skills, knowledge, and experience to handle complex, refusal, and appeal cases, 
Nationwide Visas is a force to be reckoned with.

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    Our Services

    Our study abroad consultants proudly claim, “If we cannot get you a Canada Study Visa, nobody can!”
    Working with Nationwide Visas, you will have access to a plethora of study abroad services including:
    • Student Profile Analysis 
    Every student has different aspirations and academic interests. Nationwide Visas offer you customized study abroad services, tailored perfectly to your needs. Find a pathway that’s best for you, with our in-depth student profile analysis.   
    • Career Counseling
    Get access to our one-on-one counseling sessions with our study abroad consultant in Philippines for Canada. Well-informed guidance can play a make-or-break role in your study abroad journey. Get answers to all your queries – Which is the best university/course?  What is the total cost of studying abroad?  
    • Course/University Selection & Admission Assistance 
    There are over 100+ courses/universities in Canada. Finding the one that best suits your profile and academic experience can be challenging at times. Explore all possibilities with our course/university selection and admission assistance services. 
    • Financial Aid & Scholarships
    Studying abroad is expensive. Nationwide Visas can help you get access to bank loans, personal finance, and as well as amazing scholarships from world-ranked educational institutes. We believe that no study abroad dream should be put on hold. 
    • Visa Guidance 
    The process to apply for Canada Study Visa can sometimes be a complex task – especially for first-timers. Visa guidance is our forte. Witness unparalleled immigration solutions with the best study abroad consultant in Philippines. We play a crucial role in boosting your chances of successfully studying in Canada. 
    • Pre and Post Landing Services 
    With our offices located in Canada, experience state-of-the-art Post-landing services designed to help you settle once arriving in Canada. Not just that, Nationwide Visas also frequently conducts Pre-landing briefing sessions to make the process hassle-free for you. 

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    Why do you need a Study Abroad Consultant Gurgaon?

    “Well-informed guidance is a precious commodity for lesser mortals of the present day.”
    Working with a study abroad consultant in India can be a career-defining move. Study abroad experts can help you overcome any obstacle to help you immigrate to Canada on a study visa on the first try!
     From helping you find the right university/course and career counseling to financial aid & scholarships and post-landing services – there are many benefits of working alongside a study abroad consultant in Gurgaon for Canada. 
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