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You can keep your business first priority with Hawkhire. As a top staffing company in India, we know how to deliver extra value in hiring. Hire quality candidates and place crucial management positions at multiple levels with our team. Whatever your business, Hawk Hire has a proven track record in staffing and recruiting for Companies,When you’re looking to hire a new employee but don’t have time to do all the sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, and vetting yourself, Hawkhire direct Hire services can do all of that for you.

Your recruiter – specialized in your niche – understands your needs inside out and upside down and sideways. This means he or she will find you professional candidates on your timeline: in one day (if that’s what you need), in a few weeks or anything in between.

Ask to see one person. You’re the boss here.

·        We source for the experience you require.

·        We test for the skills you determine.

·        We conduct the background and reference checks you request.

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We are where you are – and that matters.

We are best staffing provider, which offers its own unique point because we take a very local approach to our business. Our onsite solution provides the opportunity to increase morale through proprietary engagement and retention programs while closely tracking performance, streamlining processes and adding another level of oversight and support to your physical presence.

  • We offer… customized staffing solutions. We have a comprehensive sales and discovery process that allows us to truly uncover our clients’ needs and deliver flexible solutions that work with your culture.
  • We offer… expertise in supporting high volume clients needing an onsite presence. We employ industry leaders that will work with you to deliver
  • We offer…a local presence. We are local connectors and, are heavily involved in our communities, driven by both people and causes. By sharing your zip code, we share your challenges, opportunities and experiences. We can relate and create a staffing solution that truly makes sense for your organization based on a multitude of local environmental factors.
  • We offer…a comprehensive approach. We want to be involved and be a trusted advisor. Our team of industry professionals including talent acquisition experts, risk and safety managers, and production specialists partner to drive key performance indicators like reducing turnover, lowering WC incidents and claims, and improving productivity.
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