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Hawkhire is an offshore outsourcing company based in India, with Headquarter in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR 

We help our clients scale their businesses by delivering dedicated full-time offshore outsourcing services and custom-built remote teams in the India combined with our ISO-certified quality systems and information security and backed by our award-winning 24/7 service and support.

We specialize in providing the top 5% of talent to international companies looking to build a quality remote Outsourcing company in India. Our goal is to find and place exceptional offshore staff that will stay with you for years to come and who will constantly exceed your expectations. With Outsourced you can hire dedicated offshore staff in India and save up to 75% compared to hiring locally.


Dedicated quality offshore outsourcing company in India

Offshore outsourcing has become a popular choice for businesses seeking to optimize their operations and leverage global resources. Companies turn to offshore services and offshoring to tap into the advantages they offer.

One prominent aspect of offshore outsourcing is offshore development, where companies engage offshore teams to build software solutions or develop applications. Offshore software outsourcing allows organizations to access specialized skills and expertise while reducing costs. 

Similarly, offshore IT outsourcing enables businesses to delegate their IT functions to offshore service providers, ensuring efficient and cost-effective management of IT infrastructure and services. Offshore BPO services involve outsourcing non-core business processes to offshore locations, such as customer support, data entry, or back-office operations.

There are numerous benefits and advantages associated with offshore outsourcing. Companies can enjoy cost savings due to lower labor and operational costs in offshore destinations. Moreover, they can tap into a larger talent pool available globally, accessing highly skilled professionals at competitive rates.

Offshore outsourcing companies bring expertise in their respective domains, providing value-added services and industry-specific knowledge. Success stories of organizations achieving significant benefits through offshore outsourcing have contributed to its popularity, inspiring others to explore these opportunities.

The offshore outsourcing industry continues to evolve, reflecting the ongoing trends and demands of the global business landscape. Offshore outsourcing strategies encompass the selection of suitable offshore locations, vendor management, and risk mitigation. 

Factors such as language proficiency, time zone compatibility, and cultural affinity play a vital role in choosing the right offshore outsourcing destination. 

The costs associated with offshore outsourcing are influenced by factors such as labor rates, infrastructure, and service quality. Organizations often seek offshore outsourcing expertise to navigate these complexities and maximize their benefits.

Offshore outsourcing has fostered numerous partnerships between businesses and service providers across various industries. These partnerships ensure effective collaboration and align business objectives to achieve mutual success. Offshore outsourcing solutions encompass a wide range of services tailored to meet specific business needs, promoting flexibility and scalability. The availability of a diverse talent pool in offshore locations further enhances the outsourcing potential.

In conclusion, offshore outsourcing has emerged as a valuable strategy for businesses, offering benefits such as cost savings, access to talent, and specialized expertise. With the right offshore outsourcing company, organizations can capitalize on industry trends, explore suitable offshore destinations, and 

implement effective strategies to optimize costs and drive business growth. The success stories within the offshore outsourcing industry validate its potential and inspire further exploration of this global business practice.

Advanced facilities & equipment

For office-based staff our state-of-the-art offices have a 100% back up power system, 24/7 utility provisions & redundant power capacities. We utilise premium and dedicated internet service via Fibre Optic Facilities and a fully-redundant Gigabit Ethernet Network. We also have a secondary failover network to ensure the greatest uptime and performance of your offshore outsourcing staff.

certified quality assurance

HawkHire is  Certified and dedicated to delivering quality assurance and we are committed to providing remote staff of the highest standards, all backed by our award winning international management with over 20 years of quality offshore outsourcing staffing experience.

Dedicated full time remote staff -Outsourcing company

Outsourcing Company provides you with your own professional full time dedicated remote staff who can either be home-based or office-based and report directly to you daily from our advanced offices in Manila, Philippines. With Outsourced you can scale your organisation quickly and cost effectively with dedicated offshore outsourcing staff essentially becoming an extension of your own organisation.

Our India offshoring services cover ten key industries including: Information Technology (I.T.), Contact Center, Professional Services, Creative, Marketing, Administration, Finance, Education, Healthcare and Engineering.

IT offshore outsourcing

HawkHire is an certified and leading IT offshoring and IT Business Process Outsourcing (IT-BPO) provider in the India. From Web Programmers and QA Testers to Network Engineers and Technical Support we have vast experience sourcing the most talented technical professionals for some of the world’s leading organisations. We can also provide talented AI Developers, VR Developers, and AR Developers in the Philippines. Whether you are a web development agency, software development company, managed IT Services company, Telephony company, or any business looking for highly skilled technical professionals, HawkHire has the experience to provide you with the talent you require. From Business and System Analysts, to Game and Mobile developers our Technical Recruiters are highly skilled at sourcing, screening and technically testing candidates to ensure only the most talented professionals are selected. Whether you need remote home-based or office-based staff we have the experience to build you a quality offshore outsourcing I.T team in the India.

Contact center offshore outsourcing

The India is Best in the world for offshore outsourcing contact center services. HawkHire as an Offshoring Contact Center can manage customers with both inbound and outbound voice calls (call center services), and data applications such as e-mail, social media and instant message. Our Customer Contact Centre Services include customer acquisition, customer retention, customer service, technical support, cross and up selling and credit management services. Whether the contact is inbound for Customer Care, Reservations, Technical Support and Help Desk or outbound for Lead generation, Collections and Telemarketing, Outsourced has the skills and experience to build and manage your BPO Contact Centre in the Philippines. Whether you need remote home-based or office-based staff we have the experience to build you a quality offshore contact center or call center in the India.

Professional Services Outsourcing Company

If your required tasks can be completed remotely there is no limit to the professional offshore outsourcing staff we can source for your business. The strength of your PSF (professional services firm) relies on your talent pool. From legal process outsourcing (LPO), Back Office support, to Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) we can find the most talented professionals in the India to be a part of your offshore team. Whether you need Human Capital Management (Recruitment, Payroll, HR), Project Managers or Lawyers we have the skills and experience to source highly skilled professionals to be an offshore extension of your local team. Whether you need home-based or office-based staff we have the experience to build you a quality offshore professional services team in the India.

Creative offshore Outsourcing

The India has become a leading destination for creative offshoring services. HawkHire has successfully built world class creative teams for our international clients covering everything from Web and Graphic Designers to Animators and Industrial Designers. We also have vast experience building teams of photo editors, creative writers, game moderators, storyboard artists, animators and 3D Modellers. Whether you need remote home-based or office-based staff we have the experience to build you a quality offshore outsourcing creative team in the India.

Marketing offshore Outsourcing

Whether it’s for Online Marketing (SEO, SEM, Social), Content Marketing (Copywriting, Proofing/Editing, Content Moderation) or Data Analysis and Market Research we have the skills and experience to hire the most talented marketers in the India to be a part of your offshore team. We can also assist your marketing offshoring of Media buyers, email marketers and visual merchandisers. Whether you need remote home-based or office-based staff we have the experience to build you a quality offshore marketing team in the India.

Financial Services offshore outsourcing

HawkHire has vast experience creating offshoring finance teams to assist our clients with Accounting, Financial, Insurance, and Superannuation services. From Accountants and Bookkeepers to Financial planners and Auditors we can source highly skilled professionals to be a part of your offshore team in India We also have experience building teams of debt collectors, mortgage specialists, claims processors, underwriters, and mortgage brokers. Whether you need remote home-based or office-based staff we have the experience to build you a quality offshore outsourcing finance team in India.

Admin and Data Processing Outsourcing Company

We have experience hiring full time dedicated administrative assistants who can support with your data entry, data processing, transcription or secretarial requirements. We provide an extensive selection of back office functions from e-mail and website support, data entry, processing and other administrative tasks. Your dedicated offshore admin team can assist with anything from procurement and social media community moderation, to real estate to eCommerce support. Whether you need remote home-based or office-based staff we have the experience to build you a quality offshore admin team in the India. Whatever admin offshoring services you need, look no further than Hawkhire.

HawkHire is ready to provide you with top-quality services that fit your needs. Contact us today.

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